by Export Art Srl

Founded at the end of the 60s, Essart is one of the Italian leading reality designs - oriented in the sector of complements and accessories for curtains both for the house furnishing and contracts.

It exists a combination of factors sanctioning the success of the Essart products: glamour and functionality, creativity and technology, tradition and innovation. The products range, divided into rich and exclusive collections, includes different style trends and expresses classic style with innovative modalities.

Form and Function

The Essart products are easily recognizable, their aspect throughly expresses the concept of Industrial Design

Integration between production and logistic structure

Ensures punctual and rapid replies.

Research, experimentation and innovation

With a wide technical and technological experience


Essart products technical side, linear but at the same time essential and refinement, fully conveys industrial design concept, interacting form and function in a serial reproductions optic, based on values such as modularity, versatility, flexibility and masterly use of materials.

800 Model


Over the last years, Essart has invested much in the design and the develop of new products, relying on the experience of skilled professionals, both within the company and freelance designers, such as Sergio Mori, the creator of the recent collections.


Compasso d’Oro (1998) - Youth Section Grandesign Award (2005), Grand Design Etico (2012) - Special Mention Grandesign Etico Award (2014)


Registered Office

Via Ruca 236/238
25065 - Lumezzane (BS)


Via Divisione Acqui 7/9
25065 - Lumezzane (BS)


+39 030 89 25 034

+39 030 20 60 978


+39 030 89 21 735